Tonight-Court of Honor

For tonight’s court of honor please have your scout bring a pen and a list of the merit badges he will be working on at Barton. The boys will need to fill out their blue cards tonight & have them signed off on. If you are not attending the court of honor tonight but your scout is going to Barton please email Mrs. Treanor back with a list of the merit badges that your son will be working on. Also if your scout is going to work on completing a merit badge that they previously received a partial on, please have him her for his blue card.

Meeting Tonight!

We have an outdoor activity planned for tonight’s meeting. If the boys want to wear their Class B uniform, that is fine. Also, if they have a handheld GPS and want to bring it, we will be using them tonight. If they have an iPhone there is an app called “Free GPS” which is just what it sounds like. And if they don’t have a phone or a GPS (or if you don’t want them bringing it to the meeting) that’s fine too. I’m sure we’ll have enough for everyone to share.